I am primarily an author, teacher, and music lover.  More formally, I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and an Affiliate Faculty of the Department of Rhetoric and Writing, both at the University of Texas at Austin.  I also occasionally consult with government agencies, the press, and corporations on issues related to popular, cultural practices (media representatives can follow this link for more information).

My educational background is in rhetoric and public address, cultural and media studies, and philosophy. My research and teaching focus on rhetoric at the intersection of popular culture and mass media technology (e.g., music and cinema). I am particularly interested in how people grapple with the "ineffable," or how folks understand and negotiate experiences that we consider to be beyond our representational abilities, such as an indescribable enjoyment of music, the stupidity of romantic love (that's not a bad thing, by the way), or a deeply moving spiritual encounter.  I'm currently working on a book about the ways in which publics mourn and fail to mourn at the scene of the speaker and screen. My critical perspective is informed by poststructural and psychoanalytic theory.

I used to regularly write a blog, The Rosewater Chronicles, but new (ad)ventures in social networking killed it. I update the blog occassionally but not often. I also officiate civil unions, partnerships, and weddings; I used to dj their receptions as well, but Auntie Bob with the smartphone and Mini-to-RCA jack killed that, too.




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the idiom of haunting (graduate seminar)
the object (graduate seminar)

the subject (graduate seminar)
derrida and lacan (with diane davis, gradaute seminar)
rhetoric and psychoanalysis (gradaute seminar)
basic rhetorical criticism (graduate seminar)

cinema theory (graduate and undergraduate)
nietzsche, marx, & freud (graduate and undergraduate)

celebrity culture (large lecture undergraduate )
rhetoric & popular music (large lecture undergraduate)
rhetoric & religion (large lecture undergraduate)
introduction to rhetorical theory (large lecture undergraduate)

introduction to argumentation (undergraduate)
public speaking (undergraduate)
advanced argumentation (undergraduate)
advanced public speaking (undergraduate)
communication and cultural studies (undergradaute)

interpersonal communication (undergraduate)
introduction to media production (radio/television; undergraduate)


For a fuller account of my teaching, research, and service, you can download my curriculum vitae (PDF).


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